«Go green! Go green! »

«Go green! Go green! » is a common slogan buzzing around the world these days. However, the world can’t get painted in the colour green just by chanting these words, initiatives towards creating a green environment is what matters. Our company, Green Gears, situated in Tallinn, Estonia has taken such brilliant initiatives by creating bicycle taxis services for local and tourists.

Mainly, our taxis operate on the streets of Old Town as a “hop on – hop off” services.  We carry locals and tourists around Old Town of Tallinn offering them tours or transfer to specific destinations.

Green Gears is a movement. We are highly concerned about the future of Tallinn ecological state and think that the only way to win pollution is to act now! Our bike taxis are environmentally friendly as they function just like any normal bicycles. It decreases pollution by not burning any carbon based fuels.

Finally, here at Green Gears we give high importance to customer satisfaction. All our workers are trained in customer care, safety and the knowledge of Estonian and English languages are mandatory. We believe that the only way to do business is to take care of our customers with a high level of integrity.

Our mission is to enhance the image of Tallinn by providing environmentally friendly ways of transport, great customer service and exciting experiences to locals and tourists.