Did you know that…

Green Gears bicycle taxis are effective, clean and green advertising machines?


Take a look at these facts:

  • The total amount of visitors to the Old Town can reach up to 46,000 people per day
    (Tallinn Tourism Office)
  • An average bicycle taxi driver makes up to 50 trips a day covering the whole Old Town and the major part of Kesklinn.
  • Advertising on bike taxis is an effective way of placing eye-catching and image-boosting ads, also an opportunity to be creative!
  • For a customer, taking a bicycle taxi is always fun and amazing experience. By positioning your message directly to that source of fun and excitement, gives your consumers an interactive experience to engage with your brand.

By placing your brand on our Green Gears taxis, will allow you to:

Showcase your message to a large audience during long periods of time.

Raise the efficiency of your advertising using eye-catching and colorful formats.

Emotionally brand your product by placing your message near the source of fun and excitement.

Get personally recommended by our professionally trained drivers.

What marketing experts say

“Messages on billboard advertising displays have a 97% recall rate.”
Outdoor Advertising Magazine
“96% of respondents say mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising.”
TACA’s market research

What is the price?

The price will greatly depend on the following factors:

  • On how many bikes you want to place ads

  • How long you want the ads to be displayed

  • When you order

  • Availability of bikes


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Some examples of bicycle taxi branding: